My boys had an overnight with their Grandma, so as I write this, things are quite serene. It’s hard to have a moment of quiet with 2 boys in a small townhome. It’s the season I’m in and most of the time I love it, but I sure am enjoying these hours of peace!

Peace. It has evaded me these last few weeks. Of course, as always, things have worked out but I was worried. I spent time that I could just “be still and know”…with worry.

It has been a good learning experience. There are ups and downs in business like every other part of life. Anticipated income falls through. You don’t get that job or opportunity you were sure to get. These are the times that separate the men from the boys. I get why so many businesses fail. You have to wear many hats, especially when you are starting out. You put in 200% and get back 25. So in those slow moments when its easy to freak out and worry, how should we respond?

These trials, historically speaking, have a way of working themselves out. Why should our current circumstance define us? Our attitude? Our future?

My faith teaches me to be still and know. This doesn’t just apply to when I feel good or when everything around me looks good, when I’m healthy, my family is healthy. No. This applies to ALL moments, ALL trials, ALL seasons. And what is it I should “know”? That there is something, or Someone bigger than me who not only has my back but carries me, protects me, cares for me, loves me. But if I’m too busy worrying, I cannot simultaneously be still…in my mind or in my spirit.

So in this moment, while I sit in silence, I take advantage of the time to really let in peace, let in the knowledge that hope prevails, peace prevails, over all circumstances. But not without effort and deliberation on our part. It is like a muscle that must be exercised.

Will you join me today, this week, this month, to really be intentional about choosing peace in the midst of washing dishes, breaking up fights, sitting in a normally stressful meeting?

Let’s choose to be still.

And Know.