My family and I went on a trip to Columbia, SC to visit extended family this week for the holidays. While we were there I wanted to check out an exhibit at the museum featuring artist Georgia O’Keeffe. I didn’t know much about her but love her work with flowers. It was a last minute request and one that would require working around any shifting family plans. More than once while trying to figure out the timing, I almost talked myself out of going. And I really wanted to go. But we got it sorted and not only was I able to go but my wonderful sister in law kept our kids so my husband could go with me. Can you say “unplanned date”?!

Let me just say the museum visit exceeded my expectations. Not only was I able to see work done by O’Keeffe during the time she lived in SC (which I didn’t know), I was blown away by the permanent museum art, including ancient artifacts. As an artist and a home school mom, the whole experience made my heart sing!

So, what if I actually DID talk myself out of going?

How often do we end up talking ourselves OUT of things rather than INTO things we love to do? Things that make our hearts sing.

What good am I to my husband, my kids, my friends, if I’m running on empty?

And why do we do that? Do we feel like we’re being selfish?

Do you even know what you love to do? Have you been doing for everyone else so long that you don’t even really know what fills you? I challenge you to figure it out! If you do know, I challenge you and myself to remember what those things are. While our 2016 schedules keep filling up with “have to’s” and “need to’s”, let’s carve out time for us. PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR! It doesn’t have to be something already mapped out. Just make space! Consider it preventative maintenance for your health…aaaaand for the health and safety of those around you! 😉

Listen, you are worth investing in. Your needs have value. If there is one thing I’ve learned on this planet it’s that there are plenty of people who have loads of ideas of what you can do for them. No one is going to speak up for you but you, so don’t wait for the right circumstance or for someone else to do it for you.

YOU have to make it happen.

Now tell me. What makes your heart sing? 🙂