I’m a get it done kinda person. If a painting isn’t finished when I’m ready for it to be, I have to walk away from in for a while, sometimes days. Growing up an American with a microwave and all the general conveniences, I buy into this idea that everything I want or need should come easy. Where is that magic machine that does whatever I need doing in a matter of seconds?

The deal is, as we all know, life is in fact NOT like that. And when you are following a dream and setting goals, those obstacles multiply. It’s almost as if there is some invisible force there to make sure that hiccups, bumps, walls are all included in the “success package” of life.

When these wonderous moments happen, we have a critical decision to make. We really can go one of two ways….

Find a way around the obstacle

For me to succeed, I know sweat equity is a non-negotiable. Momentum happens when we focus, invest, work. Obstacles are an external force we don’t always plan for. But I’m convinced the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t really comes down to this one critical choice. Well we know what comes from quitting.


Successful people, contrary to what we may believe, are not free of roadblocks and obstacles. Successful people aren’t surprised when they happen. They are simply part of the deal, and while some of us may allow ourselves to get derailed, melt down, have our pity parties…while that is happening, the successful person is already on their way to mapping out a solution.

Roadblocks come weekly, if not daily. The trick is to anticipate them and have the mindset that you will find a solution to whatever problems arise.

My personal goal this year is to give myself permission to get frustrated, mad, hurt…BUT recover in less time. In whatever I do, my time is valuable (yours is too, by the way), and I don’t want to waste time on any negative emotions or thoughts that don’t bring me closer to my dreams and goals.

So what are your road blocks this week?
What can you do to overcome them?