It wasn’t until recently that I was made aware that all of the known 6 species of sea turtles are either threatened or endangered. Here in Charleston we have teams that rescue the sick, inventory nests, release the healed, and raise awareness in the community. Our family watched as 4 turtles were released on local shores. It’s humorous at first as they are somewhat stunned as they first remove them from confinement. Then excitement kicks in once they realize where they are and you see these creatures known for their lack of speed jet into the ocean, home at last! Everyone cheers! It is such a fun experience. I have yet to watch babies hatch and make their way into the big dangerous world, but it is definitely on the list!

However with all the cheering and the excitement comes a bit of sadness. These animals are being harmed by swallowing plastic, being hit by boats…much, if not most, of the damage is being done due to people. Litter, water pollution, even lights on at night can cause confusion for babies who use the light of the moon to direct them to the water.

I for one am grateful for the many volunteers that help these local organizations do what they are doing to help keep these incredible animals with as as long as possible.