Let’s face it. We spend more time in between than we do in the destination. Waiting on the repair guy. Waiting for the vacation. Waiting for the money to PAY the repair guy. In fact, we can get so caught up in the fact that we are waiting, we forget to breathe. We forget to see the little things around us. The trick is to enjoy the time, the space, between. I’m not very good at this. My husband, on the other hand, has the patience of Job. I have learned to learn from him.

You see, I have this uncanny female ability to worry about things that I have absolutely no control over, particularly when it comes to money. Well, actually anything really. When is my child going to get over this phase? When is it going to get warmer? When is it going to get cooler? Next thing I know I’m cranky all the time, because these things don’t begin and end on my time table!

I had a couple disappointments this month, the kind that are sometimes hard to recover from. The kind you have things riding on only to watch them fall through. I got angry. I pouted. Longer than I needed to. The best thing I could have done, and eventually did, is stop and take inventory.

Are my kids sick?


Have they gone without food or shelter?


Do they know the love of their parents?


Has my husband finally given up on this drama queen?

Not yet.

That’s step one. Be grateful. Get perspective on the good.

So the second thing? Vision. Plan. Dare to dream again. Disappointments and failures happen. They are part of the deal, like it or not. So get up, dust yourself off. Chin up. Tomorrow is an opportunity to try again. Try attacking that problem from a different angle. Plan and dream and hope while you wait. Pray. Whatever it takes get your head and heart right.

Hey, we only get one shot at this.

Let’s make it count.

Chelle Fazal